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Songs of a Caretaker (Auf Platte)

short film | 30 min | 2022
Student academy award 2022 finalist

The shy Hugo is a caretaker in an old prefabricated building. It’s where he feels at home, is appreciated by the residents and sings his songs in the corridors. As dramatic changes make the house feel more and more cold, Hugo grows uncomfortable in his home. Similarly distraught is Johanna, who lives in a bus parked out front and faces racism and sexism on a daily basis. The two grow closer – sharing a sense of not quite belonging and, above all, a love of music.


Director: Pascal Schuh 
Screenplay: Lara Torp, Liza Reichardt
Broadcaster: 3sat
Production Company: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Producers: Sebastian Herbst, Nina Bayer-Seel
Director of Photography: Jakob Reinhardt
Art Direction: Isabelle Siegrist
Editor: Ronja Selle
Sound & Sound Design: Fabian Plumeyer
Sound Mixing: Ludwig Müller
Music: Bertolt Pohl (Composer); Hans Peter-Schultze (Songtexts)