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Freie Nächte (Free Nights)

short film | 15 min | 2023

David finds his mother locked in the broom closet. When confronting his brother Oscar about it, he forces David to drive him to buy cigarettes. On the ensuing car ride through the night, David manages to break through Oscar’s hard shell. For a short time, the brothers become the two inseparable boys they once were, leaving the burden of their past behind, and just be human.

Director: Oliver Adam Kusio
Screenplay: Saskia Benter Ortega
Production Company: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Producers: Maritza Grass, Lukas Koll
Directors of Photography: Manuel Schamberger, Marco Müller
Sound: Alexander Wolf, Duc Nguyen
Music: Maximilian Kutsche

Starring: Tom Gronau, Paul Stiehler, Björn Heienbrock

© Filmstills: Manuel Schamberger, Marco Müller