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Divine Comedy

short film | 11 min | 2022

A modern twist on Dante’s Classic „Divine Comedy“ with an international Cast, following a young Italian couple, visiting Berlin in 1991, descend down into a multi-level underground club representing Paradise, Purgatory and Inferno.

Beyond the ruins of an old industrial complex, Dante & Beatrice, a young Italian couple finds a strange underground nightclub. When Beatrice disappears shortly after entering, Dante makes his way downwards, level after level, one more surreal than the other. Dante’s reality begins to dissolve and through numerous encounters on his way to the mysterious „Room No. 9“ Dante begins to reflect his relationship to Beatrice. Divine Comedy combines a classic of world literature with the story of a young couple, trapped in a dysfunctional relationship.


Dante: Giorgio Cantarini 
Beatrice: Valentina Violo 
Frederica: Gloria Endres de Oliveira 
Rudolph: Uwe Mayer
Virgil: Nico Ehrenteit 


Written and directed by: Makan Talayeh
Production Company: arkanum pictures & Laconic Film
Producers: Matthew Pittman, Lukas Koll
Director of Photography: Nina Reichmann
Production Design: Stefanie Probst
Costume Design: Jennifer Rudelove 
Editing: Annemarie Wieser
Sound Design: Giacomo Goldbecker
Original Music: Valeriia Khazan