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Blaue Flecken (Blue Marks)

feature film | 90 min | in PRODUCTION

Rose is in a beautiful garden. Fairy lights in every tree, music playing. Many people are around her, but she only sees him. The rapist. A perpetrator, celebrated by his loved ones. They gather around him, hug him, give him gifts and flowers. He is her brother. She loves him. She has arranged this party for him. A surprise birthday party, for his 30th birthday. That was before she got the letter from the police. When he was simply her brother Sam.

Director: Sarah Miro Fischer
Writers: Sarah Miro Fischer, Agnes Maagaard
Director of Photography: Selma Gravesen
Production Companys: DFFB & arkanum pictures
Producers: Janna Fodor

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© Visual: Sarah Miro Fischer